Soliman Rahimi
With many years’ experience in leadership positions and a history of delivering exceptional results, Soliman brings a consistent drive for success and a wealth of knowledge to his clients. He is hardworking, reliable, honest and a master negotiator. For him, integrity will always be at the forefront of every client relationship. Before he began his real estate journey, Soliman held management roles at the Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Clubs. His dynamic professional experience equipped him with skills beyond just those required to complete a sale. He understands what it takes to create and execute targets that align with his clients’ needs. Soliman’s diligence, trustworthiness and consistency set him apart. In his spare time, Soliman enjoys playing team sports such as soccer and basketball. As an avid sportsman, he was invited to play in Portugal’s Second Division league. Today, he draws on the resilience and communication skills he developed in gameplay to assist his clients navigate the real estate market. Soliman takes great pride in his ability to guide people in making the most important investment of their lives. He is attentive and dedicated to his clients, which is why so many continue to trust him with their evolving real estate needs.